Our Mission:

Fort Wayne Trails will act as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose system of trails in Allen County.


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Our Donors

We'd like to extend our thanks to our 2015 donors. Your contributions are critical to our mission of enhancing our vibrant and healthy community by developing an ever-expanding network of trails. If you've not yet had the chance to donate, please consider making a donation now. Thanks for your support!

Discoverer (25,000 to 49,999)

Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation

English Bonter Mitchell Foundation 


Foellinger Foundation, Inc.  


Trekker (10,000 to 24,999)

Edna Foundation Endowment Fund
Maury and Gerry O'Daniel
Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne


Trail Messenger (5,000 to 9,999)

Summit City Bicycles
General Motors Foundation
Ken Edwards


Explorer (1,000 to 4,999)

Howard Arnold Foundation
Commissioner Linda Bloom
Dr. Ronald and Jane Caldwell
Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne
Dr. Jerald and Alexandra Cooper
Ewing Trust
Fort Wayne TinCaps
Dr. Thomas and Sally  Gutwein
Dave Harlow
Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc. Foundation
Scott Miller Family Fund
Dr. Mark and Laura O'Shaughnessy
Parkview Cardiology
Mark and Cindy Renshaw Fund
Tom and Teresa Riethmiller
Lori Rose and Ryan Cybulski
Ms. Laura B. Rudolph
Patrick Ryan
Megan Ryan
Richard and Carol Schwartz
Southwest Youth Triathlon
Mike and Mary Jo Todoran

Adventurer (100 to 999)

In Memory of Joseph DiGregory (Joseph and Angela Jurczak)
Jeffrey Adams
Michael and Holly Allison
Nathan and Anna Allison
Terry  Anderson
Penny Atkinson
Mike Berby
Michael and Herold, Jeanine Biesiada
Rachel Blakeman
David and Annie Bobilya
David Bolton
Dominique Bradford
LeeAnn Brennan
Sean and Ann Brennan
William and Joan Bryant
Max and Betty Buckles
Mary Ellen Carpeta
Rachel Carpeta
Jay and Connie Coffman
James and Lesa Coplen
Paige Coulter-Kem
Paul and Nanette DiGangi
Robert and Margaret Distler
Sandra Dolson
Jonathon Duton
George Ebert
Dave and Bev Fiandt
Suzanne Fisk
Cheryl McGowan--Focus In, Inc.
Fort Wayne Metals
Fort Wayne Scottish Pipes and Drums
Fort 4 Fitness
Dr. John and Susan Fouts
Joe Francis
Phillip Fretz
Ross and Sandra Gamby
Julianne Geimer
Scott and Jeannine Gibble
Mike Goodman
Marc Grostefon
Bruce and Deb Guebard
Mr. and Ms. Timothy Haffner
Thomas and Cari Hardin
Health Food Shoppe
Mark Hill
Derk Hinsey
Human Motor Works
In Honor of John Stearns  (Carl and Maxine Hartup)
In Honor of John Stearns  (David and Linda Stearns)
Jimmy Johns
Mike Johnson
John and Angele Judd
Anthony Juliano
J. Kelly Foundation--Kevin J. & Pamela J.
Tim and Amy Kenesey
Kroger Community Awards
Louise Larsen
Andrew F. Latz
Shirley Lehman
Steven and Rhonda Lehman
Tyler and Julie Lehman
Elizabeth Leppek
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Paul Lindborg
David and Tenley Lippie
Robert and Carolyn Lovell
Gregory and Katherine Lynch
Irwin Mallin
Mr. and Ms. Richard Maples
Sandi May
Dave and Pam McDaniel
Jennifer M. Milnar
Tim Morris
Michael and Mary Musson
William and Susan Nash
Thomas Neuenschwander and Cheryl Heller
Thomas and Patricia Oberhausen
Timothy Olinger
Mike and Libby Osborne
Brad and Amy Peckinpaugh
Sarah Peterson
Douglas Pett
James and Susan Poiry
Dr Gregg Pollander
Tracy Pollard
M. Sheryl Poorman
Joe Predina
Lois Raber
John and Mary Racine
Real America Development, LLC.
Reecer Properties
Dr. Donald and Joellen Reed, Jr.
James and Carol Reilly
Rita Ricketts
Eric Rieke
Glenn and Dori Rogers
Lori Rose and Ryan Cybulski
Kirk and Kim Sabrosky
Salus Research, Inc
Jacob Sauer
Dr. and Ms. Greg Schmitt
Denis and Mary Arnold Schwartz
Joanna Scmickel
Robin Scott
Neal Shady
Tim and Beth Shields
Barbara Sloffer
Ben and Nelda Sollenberger
William Spohn
Spoltman Financial, Inc
Jason Starck
Greg and Elizabeth Stehulak
Andy Stock
Ronald L. Stopher
Dr. Michael and Kathi Stronczek
Summit City Bicycles
Superior Essex
Dr. Matthew and Camella Sutter
P.C. Targeted Services
Three Rivers Velo Sport
Todd and Kristie Jacobs
Tracy and Lisa Tomkiewicz
Tracy R. Adams
Keith and Sue Tumbleson
Visit Fort Wayne
Tom and Carol Vodde
Clint Warner
Weigand Construction
Christine Welling
Mark Wendt
Todd Werling
Troy Werling
YMCA Of Greater Fort Wayne
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Yoder
Brian and Kyla Zehr
Frank Zirille
Dan and Beth Zweig