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Pokemon Go Trail Rules

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon wranglers, please note:

Do not enter private property or cross through the yards of homes along the trail. Stay on the trails.

Yield to slower trail users. If you have stopped, please move just off of the trail.

Listen for others who may be using the trails. Look up from your phone frequently.

Keep to the right, pass on the left. Ring a bell or call out “on your left” prior to passing.
Stop for cross traffic.

Obey traffic signals and signage.

No motorized equipment except official and emergency vehicles and motorized wheelchairs.

No horses. (Rapidash is okay).

If you bring it to the trails, take it when you leave. Never, ever litter.

Pet Owners: Please keep your pet on a short leash (unless your pokemon are battling at the gym at the Towpath Trailhead).  pick up and discard waste in a trash receptacle. If a receptacle is not available, please carry it home.

Always leave the trail better than you found it. Thank you! ‪#‎gopokemon‬

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