Our Mission:

Fort Wayne Trails will act as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose system of trails in Allen County.


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Q. What are the benefits of trails?

Having a safe, quality trail system brings many benefits! Just a few:

  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Adds character and vitality to a community
  • History is preserved, local culture is enhanced
  • Promotes community meeting places and provides a canvas for social interaction
  • Promotes Economic Development
  • Increases property values near trails
  • Provides a quality-of-life asset to aid in recruitment of new businesses and individuals
  • Improves Health & Fitness
  • Combats obesity, prevents disease
  • Promotes Recreation
  • Provides FREE, pleasant, auto-free routes for all forms of exercise
  • Provides Alternate Transportation
  • Provides safe form of recreation and transportation for all ages, abilities and socioeconomic situations
  • Provides links to places of employment, parks, historic destinations, open space, recreation and community facilities, downtown areas…
  • Improves Environment
  • Reduces traffic and pollution
  • Improves Safety – No one is able to walk, ride or rollerblade safely along our main roads. In 2005 the same cyclist was hit by a moving vehicle on our main roads on two separate occasions. Trails will enable people of all ages and ability levels to safely use these essential routes to various community destinations.