Our Mission:

Fort Wayne Trails will act as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose system of trails in Allen County.


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Great Thanks to our 2018 Business Advertisers, Sponsors and Trail-Friendly Businesses! If you'd like to join us in 2018, click here.

Our new interactive map, and a new mobile app, will be included on our new website, coming during summer, 2018.  For trail closures due to construction, maintenance or flooding, please visit the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation website. For detours and closures due to construction, please refer to this page on our website.

If you would like a printed version of our Map  (PDF download below), you can visit our offices at 300 E Main Street, Suite 131, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Even if we're out of the office, there is a stock of maps outside of the office in the main hallway. Maps can also be picked up at Visit Fort Wayne (located at 927 South Harrison Street), as supplies last.