Asher Agency – Vice President/General Manager

Year Joined Fort Wayne Trails Board: 2016

Board Positions: Vice-Chair and Chair of the Marketing/Communications Committee

Why Did You Join the Fort Wayne Trails Board?

As a runner (and sometime biker and walker), I love the fact that Fort Wayne has such a great trail system. I also believe the trails have a tremendous impact on our economy and quality of life. Our trails are perhaps my favorite thing about Fort Wayne.

What Does our Trail System Mean to You?

To me, the Trails are all about “miles of possibilities.” Making it possible to connect to downtown, retail, and other community identifies. Making it possible for people of all ages to stay active. And making it possible for Fort Wayne to attract and retain business investment and talent.

How Do You Use the Trails the Most?

Running. I’ve been a runner most of my life and our trail system has allowed me to keep going.

What Excites You Most About FWT’s Mission?

I’m most excited about Fort Wayne Trails’ positive impact on health and wellness in our community.

What Do You Want People To Know About Fort Wayne Trails?

Commuting via walking and biking is so much easier than you’d imagine–and so much more fun than driving. Our trails are accessible and safe, and they connect users to just about anything you’d want, from nature to neighborhoods.


Miles of possibilities. Now more than ever.

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there today. But there’s one thing you can still rely on: Fort Wayne Trails offers you and your family the chance to get outside, stay active, and connect with nature. It’s important to use the trails responsibly, but we encourage you to enjoy the miles of possibilities Fort Wayne Trails provides.