Fort Wayne Parks & Rec. – Recreation Coordinator

Year Joined Fort Wayne Trails Board: 2018

Board Positions: Resource Development Committee

Why Did You Join the Fort Wayne Trails Board?

I joined FWT board because I believe trails and greenways provide our community with the total package of benefits, including public health, economic and transportation benefits, as well as a sense of community pride and identity. Joining and helping in any way I can means a great deal to me.

What Does our Trail System Mean to You?

Trails to me mean: connection, community, pride, growth and identity. Tying together major parks, nature areas, and neighborhoods and making it easy for residents and visitors to experience nature and to spend time being outside is important. Quality-of-place amenities play a key role in economic growth and our Trails are a big part of that.

How Do You Use the Trails the Most?

Running and Cycling

What Excites You Most About FWT’s Mission?

The Future. In the short time I’ve been involved I’ve witnessed the mission in action numerous times. I believe the future of FWT’s is bright and exciting!

What Do You Want People To Know About Fort Wayne Trails?

There’s over 100 miles to explore! Get out there and enjoy!

Miles of possibilities. Now more than ever.

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there today. But there’s one thing you can still rely on: Fort Wayne Trails offers you and your family the chance to get outside, stay active, and connect with nature. It’s important to use the trails responsibly, but we encourage you to enjoy the miles of possibilities Fort Wayne Trails provides.