Brooks Construction – Manager

Year Joined Fort Wayne Trails Board: 2014

Why Did You Join the Fort Wayne Trails Board?

I joined the board because I believe in the value of trails and human-level connectivity in a community. Trails allow us to interact with friends and strangers face-to-face, as well as with nature and our built environment, in ways that our car-based lives don’t. I wanted to be a part of growing our trail system so that more people can enjoy life at a walking (or biking) pace and be connected with each other.

What Does our Trail System Mean to You?

Trails give us a chance to slow down and experience our community from a new perspective. You see more nature, more of neighborhoods, and more people at a pace where our brains can appreciate them. Trails give families and friends a chance to walk and talk, and they give strangers a chance to nod and smile and connect with someone they don’t know. They are a great amenity for our community and economic growth, and they give all of us an easy way to get more exercise every day.

How Do You Use the Trails the Most?

I walk or jog the trails near my house on the south side of Fort Wayne.

What Excites You Most About FWT’s Mission?

I love seeing the community rallying around the need and desire for trails. FWT serves as a catalyst and advocate for the community’s wants.

What Do You Want People To Know About Fort Wayne Trails?

Fort Wayne Trails works every day to make this community a better place to live!