YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne – President/CEO

Year Joined Fort Wayne Trails Board: 2008

Board Positions: Board Chair, Trail User Committee Chair, Steering Committee Chair

Why Did You Join the Fort Wayne Trails Board?

I believe a great Trail system is vital to the quality of life and economic development for our area. It says something about us that is good.

What Does our Trail System Mean to You?

Trails are important to me because I use the trail system many days of the year for walking, biking, running and at times for transportation. We have some beautiful areas that you can see from the trails.

How Do You Use the Trails the Most?

Running, biking, walking for exercise and for pleasure.

What Excites You Most About FWT’s Mission?

FWT can help improve the image of our community and also the connectivity.

What Do You Want People To Know About Fort Wayne Trails?

We are a very caring organization that wants to help our community be and stay vibrant. We care about people and the community.