Get Involved


One way you can get involved with us is by volunteering. Volunteering is fun, easy, and rewarding. There are many exciting ways you can volunteer with us!

Smiling volunteers at one of the pufferbelly run walk and stroll


Another way you can get involved and support our mission is by becoming a donor.  There are a variety of ways to support us financially.

donors presenting a check to executive director megan mcclellan

Advocate for Trails

Mayor Henry being interviewed.Other than monetary support and making the best use of the trails possible, there are other ways you can help us further our mission to expand our trail network in every direction. You can take action by writing your local, state, and congressional representatives to ask for their support of the trails.

Writing an elected official a letter may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you may think. Write them to tell them how much you enjoy using the trails. Explain the impact the trails have had on your life. Ask that they continue to support (from a local, state, or national standpoint) trail construction and maintenance. American Trails regularly updates their website with information on current acts of congress affecting trails. You may choose to mention one of these issues in your letter.

Whatever you decide to write, the very fact that you’re taking the time to let your elected officials know that you care is what truly counts. A list of our region’s local, state, and congressional representatives can be found below.

Local Representatives

Fort Wayne’s City Council
Fort Wayne Mayor’s Office
New Haven City Council
New Haven Mayor’s Office

State Representatives

You can find your state representatives at the Indiana General Assembly Website where you will find details about how to contact them.