Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one of the easiest and most fun ways you can help support the trails! We participate in a wide variety of events every year, ranging from setting up informational booths at different fairs and expos, to helping with races. This year, we’re striving to make volunteering easier and more rewarding for you.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mo Palmer, [email protected], or visit the link below. You’ll be added to our volunteer list, and we’ll email you information about upcoming events. Thank you!

Fairs & Expos

FWT booth at an event

We participate in a number of fairs and expos every year that are typically related to health, wellness, or the environment. The most common thing we do is run information booths, providing attendees with information and answering their questions about the trails. At the office, we sometimes have special mailings or packet stuffing projects.

On the Trails

Volunteer clean-up crew

We plan to be out on the trails this year, and would love assistance with meeting trail users, placing signs near the trails about events and activities, and some clean-up projects at trail heads. If you want to help out and are able and willing to lift up to 25 lbs, sweat a little, and do something physically active, we’ll have opportunities for you. Check back here for events as we schedule them.

Our Events

Volunteers at FWT Event

We put on a number of events every year, ranging from celebratory events to races. Our races require the largest number of volunteers, and truly depend on willing volunteers in order for them to be a success. These are also some of the most fun events to volunteer for! Our fundraising race will be held later this summer.