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Bicyclists and joggers on trailFort Wayne Trails’ mission is to partner with communities throughout Allen County, Indiana, to promote the equitable development, and maintenance of trails. We advocate for a safe, accessible trail system that improves the quality of life, encourages economic development, and connects county residents to their neighbors, nature, workplaces, schools, and other community assets.

Our trails connect prior isolated areas with community destinations, address safety issues, improve societal health, create equitable transportation options, increase environmental quality, and enhance the type of quality of life amenities that attract talent, business, and economic growth. You can join us with your gift to support our mission by becoming a Trail Blazer!

For a minimum recurring donation of just $10/month, you can be a Trail Blazer! Making a commitment to support Fort Wayne Trails today will help us go miles in achieving our mission to work as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose trail system in Allen County. Many of our miles of trails are not yet connected. With your help as a Trail Blazer, we could connect many Allen County neighborhoods and destinations with 140+ miles of trails in only a few years.

When you become a Trail Blazer, you’ll receive:


  • A donors-only window cling/sticker with the Trail Blazer logo. Perfect for car, home, bike, etc.
  • First to receive our annual trail map
  • Each year you are a Trail Blazer get you more awesome FWT goodies

Thank you to our current Trail Blazers

JoEllen Gross
Mona Will
Michael Roeger
Brian Schackow
Michael Harvey
David Daughtery
Megan McClellen
Ben Hemrick
Lou Kerekgyarto
Adrienne Maurer
Kristta Stockman
Daniel Krabach
John Kohl
Luke Hoffman
Michael Disher
Pat Tribolet
Frank Johnson
Ben Langel
Charles Martin
Brandon Schultz
Stephanie Knox
Danielle Falk
Nicholas Braun
Dennis Meinert
Scott McCauley
Kathryn Murray
Susan Mendenhall
Jon Christensen
Jonathan Cutler
Vincent Garcia
Tim Tappan
Terra Schmidt
Anthony Juliano
Len Piropato
Dustin Hamm
David Patton
Aaron Hoover
Dominique Bradford
Kevin Bricker
Beth Price
Julia Surber
Doug  and  Maureen Campbell
Jennifer Tinker


Andrew Brooks
Elizabeth Alter
Joe Hyndman
Ray McIntosh
Ray Moon Gabet
Mark Leppek
Tim Northquist
Patrick Ewing
Brian White
Rhonda Breischaft
Stephanie Wilson
Staci Whiteside
Jay Farlow
Josh Smith
Vicki Roberts
Adam Bartrom
Paul Spoelhof
Jodi Bottoms
Kent Castleman
Luke Labas
Tyler Korthal
Ray Flanigan
Justin Rentschler
Karen Eller
Dan Barnes
Matt Lehn
James Lowden
Charles Smith
Elaine Gaff
Grant Daily
Amy Houston
Kristi Abel
Lynn Marbach
Cindy Verduce
Scott Mills
Philip Davich
Lisa Hollister
Ann Marqueling
Beth Behrendt
Matt Meinema
Omar Bernabe
Craig Welch
Emily Keirns
Chris Stewart
Bob Lovell

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” —  Ralph Waldo Emerson