Trail Hubs

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Taking a long walk with the family and your pet and discovering a spot along the side of the trail with benches, and an interesting piece of art. The benches are designed for easy conversation with your group, and there is lots of room for the children to play and explore. Other families are there as well, and the children begin to play tag.

Our city parks and playgrounds are designed for us to interact with our neighbors and community. Trails are linear parks, but often lack the facilities for civic interaction to take place. While there might be a bench here and there, the space is small and not usually designed for socializing with neighbors. Let’s change this!

Trail Hubs are more than a rest stop, more than a park bench, and more than a map on a wall. Trail hubs will have ample room for multiple groups to interact among themselves and with others. There will be room for kids to explore, places to park bikes, or make a minor repair. There will be information about the trail system, and a place to thank the generous donors in the community who are helping to improve our trail system.

And, perhaps that’s the best part. Each Trail Hub will be a fundraising tool for trail projects nearby, and funds raised will go directly to trail capital development projects.

The “Kit of Parts”:

Each space is different, and each Landmark Sponsor is different as well. We’ve created a shopping list of available options for each Trail Hub, and our Landmark Sponsor will have the opportunity to assist with the final design for “their” hub.

Current Projects:

The Thieme Family Foundation Trail Hub at Payton County Park will act as the “front door” of the Pufferbelly Trail for users in Huntertown and points north. Payton County Park has been underutilized with minimal improvements over the past 30 years, now has the opportunity to be the community gathering point for new residents as new neighborhoods are built nearby. Fort Wayne Trails and Allen County Parks and Recreation are planning improvements to the park, including our first Trail Hub. This Trail Hub will raise funds for continued construction of the Pufferbelly Trail.

The Venderly-Stephens Trail Hub on Covington Road will provide a new use for an underutilized structure on the busy Covington Road corridor and provide a gathering point for nearby residents and trail users. A small stream is close by, shaded by mature trees. As the city announces its intention to complete the connection of the existing trail to Covington Plaza and Time Corners shopping areas, this Trail Hub will raise funds for this project and others in southwest Fort Wayne.

Landmark Donor $50,000+
• Permanent naming rights with name & logo at the Trail Hub
• Invited to help with final design elements.

Legacy Donor $25,000
• Permanent logo or name on bronze donor plaque
Leader Donor $10,000
• Name in extra large font on bronze donor plaque

Builder Donor $7,500
• Name in large font on bronze donor plaque

Supporter Donor $5000
• Name in medium font on bronze donor plaque

Sustainer Donor $3000
• Name in smaller font on bronze donor plaque

Foundation Donor $1500
• Name in smallest font on bronze donor plaque

Trail Hub donation schedule is flexible to fit your needs.

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Ready to make your gift? Choose your project:

Venderly-Stephens Trail Hub on Covington Road

Thieme Family Foundation Trail Hub at Payton County Park